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333 project and 5 piece french wardrobe

So I decided to go one the bandwagon and do the 333 project and the 5 piece french wardrobe. I first going to explain the 2 things and then make a little 1. 2. 3….

So the 5 piece french wardrobe is something where you only allow yourself to buy 5 items every 6 months (2 seasons). Im going to alter it and say 3 items every 3 months. The concept is to create a basic wardrobe where you feel a 100% comfortable in. Because you are going to buy less, you are going to be able to invest in pieces that are going to last you  a long time. The 5 items are clothes, bags and shoes that aren’t basics that you need to replace (there is no limit on that) and those basics cant be more than you would normally pay for them. If it’s more than what you normally pay you need to put them in your list.

The 333 project is something where you have 33 items for 3 months. It should getting dressed in the moring make way easier and make your life with a lot less stress. This includes clothes, bags, jewellery that you arent yet wearing on a everyday basis and shoes.

If you have any more q’s about the to challenges feel free to ask me in the comments!


Its ideal to combine the 2 together so you get a nice capsule wardrobe of things you really love. Hereare my steps to make the it a little easier and smooth.

  1. Clear out your wardrobe and throw aways/donate the things that you aren’t wearing anymore.
  2. Find your 20 most worn pieces.
  3. Find some things that you love but want to wear more and that fit your current 20 most worn pieces.
  4. Think about your 33 items and try to make outfits in your head.
  5. Start the 333 project.
  6. List the things that you would like to buy.
  7. After the 3 months, look what you wore/didnt wear and look what items you want to keep in your 33 items and what you want to add for the next season.
  8. Remeber at first it can be not perfect but lurn from your own experience and you will see, you will slowly get your ideal wardrobe.

I’m going to write a follow up blogpost on why i do this and how i went.


Review: CAIS official

Cais has send me too of their bags, and here i am to review them. They are a husband and wife kind of brand, that loves to promote. They started Cais as an outlet for our creativity and obsession for handcraft, they believe in thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Everything they do is a reflection of their connection to nature, and a moment in time.


Well lets face it! I absolutly adore the bags. I’m not really a bag girl of girl, but im obsessed with these. They are made with so much thought and love. They feel very sturdy, i need to wear the Tesse bag a little more in, they its going to be perfect.

I love how the TESSA bag has so many compartiments and still feels so minimal. The only downside to the JUDE bag is that is only has one small pocket in the bag, i love when it has different compartiments, and i prefer it even more when the bag doesnt fully close.

Both of the bags close with a strap and a button, that you need to push trough the strap. At first it was hard but now i feel it has soften up a bit.

I got the Tessa bag in the color eggshell and the jude bag in the color forest green.

I’m thinking of adding the blue tesse bag to my collection or to give it as a gift. What do you think about the bags?



Im not a basic girl, im more a basics girl

As you may or may not know im against fast fashion. It’s not good for nature but also not for your wallet. I also think it makes you basic, because everyone is wearing it at the same time. 

Create your own style and make your own basics that you always van grab to in everyday life. I love my basics here is a list of my basics for the summer:

  • Black tailored pants
  • Blue tailored shorts
  • Blue Capri pants
  • Black dress
  • White, Blue and black basic shirt
  • Yellow blouse
  • Blue and white stiped blouse and shirt  
  • Trench coat
  • Leather jacket
Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

The ideal capsule wardrobe: testing white tees

In the past couple of months i have been testing some shirts in different price ranges. Here are my conclusions:


  1. Nalinstudios the dreamers tee (sold out) €60
  2. Doubletroublegang lolita tee €39
  3. Primark mens coton tee €3

All the t-shirts are a 100% cotton, even the €3 primark one.


As you can see tee number 1 and 2 have something special to them, they have a little variation that doesnt make it just a white tee, and I love that. The dreamers tee has a beautiful design on the back and the Doubletrouble gang one have a little font on the front. I mostly grabbed to the dreamers tee because of the back.

The quality is for all 3 the shirt very good, I even prefered the quality of the primark one, soft, doesnt lose its shape and its a thick material. The dreamers tee tent to lose its shape a bit after the 5th wash. I haven’t had the change yet to wash the doubletroublegang yet but it’s very good quality.

I’m impressed by all the shirts and if i need to recommend a shirt I would say the primark one because its just so cheap (even its a mens shirt), but if you have some money to spend i would recommend both the special shirt, just pick your tast and what you are looking for, a statement tee or a little pop of color.

All the shirts are a box fit, also because i got in in a size bigger. The sizes i got where:

  1. Nalinstudios the dreamers tee M (good fit, a box fit but a perfect box :))
  2. Doubletroublegang lolita tee M (a little bit on the baggy side, need to roll the sleeves up to make it work)
  3. Primark mens coton tee S (its a mens size, but its perfect)

I tuck all my tee in my pants to get an even nicer box fit.


Model look

Latley when I dont really know what to wear it just put on the famous, what i call it, easy model looks. Containing a black top, black jeans and a leather jacket.

For makeup I do on the most days these steps: I crul my lashes and put on lipbalm, thats it. And for hair just loose and dry shampoo it needed.

I do like to add some interestingness (is that a word?) to my look by just wearing some gold earings and my black and gold watch. When I dont forget it I wear my gold coin necklace too.


Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

My 5 piece french wardrobe

My full wardrobe isn’t a real capsule wardrobe, just because I’m not sure what pieces to keep or the give aways, so i made this list of capsule pieces in my closet. This ways i can figure out what to give away, keep or buy.


Things I have spring and summer edition:

  • Blue and white striped blouse (H&M)
  • Green and white striped shirt (Scotch and soda)
  • 3 White box tees
  • Blue and white stiped longsleeved tee
  • Blue and white striped knit
  • Blue capri pants
  • Beige capri pants
  •  Blue jeans
  • Black cigarette pants
  • Grey jeans
  • Blue, jeans and green skirts

Things I bought recently:

  • Special blue jeans
  • Yellow knit
  • Trench coat

Things I want to add to my summer wardrobe:

  • Grey and black box tee
  • Flowery blouse

My style inspirations for my summer wardrobe: Audrey Hepburn, Jeanne Damas, Life of Boheme, Deborahrosa and Adenorah.