Beauty of the week: an Audrey Hepburn moodboard

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Repetto ballet flat, €190 / Yves Saint Laurent man bag, €2.005 / Daniel Wellington watch, €315 / Tiffany & Co. yellow gold earrings, €655 / Louis Vuitton oversized sunglasses, €330 / Chanel lipstick, €32


Body confidence

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I wrote this a while ago, but i know it always can help someone❤❤

Before we are even born we are like everybody a ball of cells. There is something called genes that give us our looks and personality. Thats something thats unique, thats you and that you shouldnt change, most things you cant change.

You can get plastic surgery but whats the point of it? To make you happy? Media and society is the cause of our unhappyness not our looks. But you can do small things like braces or that extra mille when your running. But you don’t need to only if it affects you in a big negative way.
You need to lurn that your body is yours and it need to go with you for a lifetime, even almost forever. 
Try to cut people out that affect your body image in a negative way. Like follow people on social media that are like you. Not because you want to be them and change yourself completly. You can find people that inspire you to be motivated to create.

You just need to be healthy and happy. You cant see by just looking at someone how healthy someone is, it commes from the inside. 
Body confidence is a journey, your own and nobody should affect that in a negative way

Where do Parisiennes go on holiday?

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Parisians pride themselves on discovering the best holiday hot spots before they go mainstream and getting a look inside their carefully guarded address books is like getting backstage access at a couture show. As wide-ranging as Port-Cros, Montauk and Buenos Aires. With contributions from Ines de la Fressange, Camille Rowe and Caroline de Maigret, this is how to do vacations the French girl way.


Riad El Fenn in Marrakech

Country: Marocco


Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Navarra

Country: Spain


Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton

Country: Puerto Rico


Surf Lodge in Montauk

Country: USA


Amanzoe in Kranidi

Country: Greece


The Mark Hotel in New York

Country: USA



It’s summer

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Here is a little update: I’m good. How are you? Since that my finals are over i have this huge weight of my shoulders! Next week i know if i graduated or not (im pretty sure I am)

I want to to loads this summer, going to Paris and Rotterdam, visit some friends and explore my home town. And ofcorse redoing my room, because im going to study interior next year and i can not have a perfect room when i study that haha.

i also really want to start my watercoloring again, i love it but i lost my talent i guess. Are there any people that do this and want to give me some tips?

I’m also going to most more of my interior moodboards so stay tuned for that!


Beauty of the week: Sasha Shviderska

Beauty of the week

The beauty of this week is Sasha, we have been  talking a while trough instagram. And I thought that now would be the time to mention her as beauty of the week.


Sasha is 20 and lives in The Netherlands. She is at the moment graduating from jourlism and her dream is to start and own little buissnes. Her loves skincare and always has great tips for me too keep my skin beautiful. She isn’t really into makeup but she likes to wear it, but as minimal as possible. Her healthy skin is her best makeup.


Nobody in her surroundings really pay attention the sinkcare, as she think it’s really important to takecare of her skin.

Her style is modern and casual, with a hint of vintage. As she doens’t like to shop she still love ging to vintage markets.

You can find Sasha on ig: heressc

What it girls of this moment can learn from philosophy

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In our western culture, fashion is really important in our daily life. Clothes is a way of self-expression, a way to show yourself to the world. Many women dream of a walk in closet filled with the newest clothes and shoes.




It’s like we seem to forget that clothes doenst make you happy at all. Ofcourse it can make you feel pretty. But we consume way too much, some people buy hunderds to thousands clothing items, just to ‘feel pretty’. Sometimes i think that the world is crazy obsessed with clothes, but someone who could inspire you is Thoreau.

This American is a minimalist, he has the question what it the least we need to be happy? Here are some of his top 5 answears, that also could solve the “clothing problem”.

  1. Treasure usefulness and comfort, over your looks and the attraction of the new.
  2. Clothing doesn’t say anything about who you are.
  3. Prefer “to be” over “to have”.
  4. Dress yourself to the way you are and don’t let clothes (the world) affect you.
  5. This current fashion system doesn’t exist for you, but uses you to grow.


Beauty of the week: Sartreuse

Beauty of the week

To be honest, this girl is the reason i started this blog. Ive always wanted to do it but now i did it, because she convinced me. Im far not good like her but the way she writes and thinks inspires me, so elegant and chic, so classy but simple.

Her links are: blog and instagram


As you can see i write liberatly, i never use a capital letter when i use ‘i’ and i never put a ‘ when i say im. I dont want to change that i just want to enlarge my vocabulary for my writing. I also already did a post on that.

She also inspired me to travel, she lives between Paris and Amsterdam, and has plans to go to Japan. Thats my dream! To at least live 6 months in Paris and 1 year in Amsterdam.

“Sartreuse is a fictional character made up by a 23-year old student, translator and Isabel Marant enthusiast currently living between Amsterdam and Paris. The blog has been created to express commentary and ideas on style and to take the reader on an ongoing ride to create a well-edited wardrobe. It is also a cunning example of spend thrift at its finest, where sometimes the line needs to be drawn between necessity and frivolity. All in all, this blog contains the neurotic mumbles and moans of a writer that wants to buy less and have more.”


Finals and tea

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As im sitting here and drinking my earl grey tea to calm down im writing this: A little update from me to you. At the moment im in the middle of my finals. So im really bussy and i dont know if im going to be able to write the next 1-2 weeks. I find it really important to lurn but now my head is overflowing from al those formulas and words i need to know, so come and rescue me.

My plans for the summer is to declutter my wardrobe and all the other things i have, but im going to make another blogpost on that soon. I hope that you will have a wonderful summer and i you have finals, good luck!!

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Daily uniform


No im not talking about a school uniform, work uniform or something like that. But you can wear it to school/work when you find your own! Im talking of those basic pieces that make an outfit you.



I love having my kind of uniform! I just get dressed in the morining automatically! And don’t need to pick out an outfit, but i still can when i fee like it! So here is mine, i have a couple for each season but they are very similar.

Spring: Jeans, sneakers, blue blouse and a leather jacket

Summer: Jeans, ballet flats or loafers, white shirt and a trench coat

Autumn: Black trousers, light jumper in grey, boots and a woolen coat

Winter: Black jeans, thick woolen jumper, boots, a woolen scarf and gloves and a woolen coat.




Better writing and vocabulary?



When im  writing an essay, blogpost etc… I find that im always anting to use the same old boring words like it was nice etc. As i find it pleasurable and satisfying to read text that use different words, why not do it myself? Here are some words to use instead of good, bad, i liked it…

I liked it / it was nice

  • lovely
  • delightful
  • pleasant
  • fair
  • pleasurable
  • approved
  • fine
  • satisfying
  • excellent
  • amazing
  • great
  • pleasing
  • sound
  • rad
  • worthy
  • superb

It was complex in a good way/ it really grabbed my attention

  • fascinating
  • intriguing
  • thought provoking
  • captivating
  • alluring
  • stimulating
  • intricate
  • sophisticated
  • labyrinthine
  • baroque

It was complicated in a negative way / I didn’t quite understand it

  • troublesome
  • inconvenient
  • difficult
  • vexing
  • tricky
  • puzzling
  • confusing
  • disorganised
  • obscure
  • far-fetched
  • strange

It wasn’t very interesting / not very exciting

  • boring
  • tedious
  • dull
  • unpleasant
  • mundane
  • stuffy
  • lifeless
  • repetitive
  • drudging
  • flat
  • tiresome
  • tame
  • depthless

It made me a bit emotional/gave me the feels

  • sentimental
  • emotional
  • moving
  • heartwarming
  • tear-jerking
  • affecting
  • heating
  • poignant
  • passionate
  • touching

I’m not crazy about it / it was okay

  • okay
  • passable
  • so-so
  • not bad
  • tolerable
  • adequate
  • middling
  • all-right
  • moderately pleasing

Best thing ever

  • fantastic
  • exceptional
  • marvelous
  • first-class
  • splendid
  • astounding
  • astonishing
  • extraordinary
  • phenomenal
  • wonderful

comparing things / It was better than this other thing

  • superior
  • favourable
  • preferable
  • more advanced
  • of higher rank
  • exceeding
  • distinguished
  • a cut above
  • more desirable
  • more valuable
  • improved
  • higher/better quality
  • more useful
  • surpassing
  • sharpened
  • more sophisticated

It wasn’t good I didn’t like it

  • bad
  • disagreeable
  • nasty
  • unrefined
  • horrible
  • unlikeable
  • coarse
  • imprecise
  • vexing
  • problematic
  • unimportant

It was really bad

  • terrible
  • repulsive
  • atrocious
  • disturbing
  • disastrous
  • revolting
  • rotten
  • loathsome
  • gruesome
  • appaling
  • abhorrent
  • dreadful
  • horrifying
  • poor
  • offensive
  • dire
  • awful
  • ghastly


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