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Beauty of the week: an Audrey Hepburn moodboard


Repetto ballet flat, €190 / Yves Saint Laurent man bag, €2.005 / Daniel Wellington watch, €315 / Tiffany & Co. yellow gold earrings, €655 / Louis Vuitton oversized sunglasses, €330 / Chanel lipstick, €32

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Body confidence

I wrote this a while ago, but i know it always can help someone❤❤

Before we are even born we are like everybody a ball of cells. There is something called genes that give us our looks and personality. Thats something thats unique, thats you and that you shouldnt change, most things you cant change.

You can get plastic surgery but whats the point of it? To make you happy? Media and society is the cause of our unhappyness not our looks. But you can do small things like braces or that extra mille when your running. But you don’t need to only if it affects you in a big negative way.
You need to lurn that your body is yours and it need to go with you for a lifetime, even almost forever. 
Try to cut people out that affect your body image in a negative way. Like follow people on social media that are like you. Not because you want to be them and change yourself completly. You can find people that inspire you to be motivated to create.

You just need to be healthy and happy. You cant see by just looking at someone how healthy someone is, it commes from the inside. 
Body confidence is a journey, your own and nobody should affect that in a negative way

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Where do Parisiennes go on holiday?

Parisians pride themselves on discovering the best holiday hot spots before they go mainstream and getting a look inside their carefully guarded address books is like getting backstage access at a couture show. As wide-ranging as Port-Cros, Montauk and Buenos Aires. With contributions from Ines de la Fressange, Camille Rowe and Caroline de Maigret, this is how to do vacations the French girl way.


Riad El Fenn in Marrakech

Country: Marocco


Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Navarra

Country: Spain


Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton

Country: Puerto Rico


Surf Lodge in Montauk

Country: USA


Amanzoe in Kranidi

Country: Greece


The Mark Hotel in New York

Country: USA



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It’s summer

Here is a little update: I’m good. How are you? Since that my finals are over i have this huge weight of my shoulders! Next week i know if i graduated or not (im pretty sure I am)

I want to to loads this summer, going to Paris and Rotterdam, visit some friends and explore my home town. And ofcorse redoing my room, because im going to study interior next year and i can not have a perfect room when i study that haha.

i also really want to start my watercoloring again, i love it but i lost my talent i guess. Are there any people that do this and want to give me some tips?

I’m also going to most more of my interior moodboards so stay tuned for that!