What it girls of this moment can learn from philosophy

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In our western culture, fashion is really important in our daily life. Clothes is a way of self-expression, a way to show yourself to the world. Many women dream of a walk in closet filled with the newest clothes and shoes.




It’s like we seem to forget that clothes doenst make you happy at all. Ofcourse it can make you feel pretty. But we consume way too much, some people buy hunderds to thousands clothing items, just to ‘feel pretty’. Sometimes i think that the world is crazy obsessed with clothes, but someone who could inspire you is Thoreau.

This American is a minimalist, he has the question what it the least we need to be happy? Here are some of his top 5 answears, that also could solve the “clothing problem”.

  1. Treasure usefulness and comfort, over your looks and the attraction of the new.
  2. Clothing doesn’t say anything about who you are.
  3. Prefer “to be” over “to have”.
  4. Dress yourself to the way you are and don’t let clothes (the world) affect you.
  5. This current fashion system doesn’t exist for you, but uses you to grow.



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