Beauty of the week: Ropes of Holland

Beauty of the week



Since I’ve discovered this blog I read it everyday, or I at least check Lindsey’s instagram on a daily basis (post notifications are amazing haha).

Finding bloggers that fit my style is pretty hard for me but Ropes of Holland is one of my favourites! 

Could you introduce youself?

Lindsey Holland. I’m a twenty something Northern girl living in London. Scandinavian minimalism is where my love lies, be it fashion or interior. I’ve developed a real travel bug recently and am always planning my next adventure.

Why did you started your blog?

I launched Ropes of Holland in January 2012 as a way out of the horrible pile of University work I was lodged under. I wanted a place to voice my opinion and love for fashion and design, and so Ropes of Holland was born.

How did you find your style?

I think it took me a few years to find my style and feel comfortable in my appearance. I owe a lot of that to my mum, she’s one of the annoying people in the world who has a bit of an effortless style going on. We shop together a lot even now and she’ll still find things for me!

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A poem by me


A fragrant basil

Growing inside an old olive oil tin

 In the middle of a limed cycladic yard

Passengers carrie  it’s leaves 

and smell their hands for hours

Without the intent

This basil affected someones day

In a positive way

Just by doing what it can do best

My capsule wardrobe

Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

Since that I personally think that the 333 project is very restricting, I decided to make my own version on a capsule wardrobe. Where you have your base, your capsule, with the basics that are more high end or very good in quality. But in a way that you still allow yourself to buy special pieces, only if you are sure that you are going to wear it at least once a month. Here are the items that are going to be my capsule wardrobe for spring and summer + some things that I really like.

  • White and Blue cotton plain T-shirt
  • Red and White striped T-shirt
  • Black and white blouse
  • Striped button up
  • Blue and cream mom jeans
  • Blue capri pants
  • Black cigarette trousers
  • Blue culottes
  • Black Drees
  • Loafers
  • Nike sneakers
  • Cais bucket bag
  • Cais crosbody bag
  • Longchamp le pliage navy

      Thing I think about getting: 

      I love my stripes so a blue and white striped dress would be perfect. I’ve been eyeing those Gucci pumps for ages love them. 


      Beauty, Travel

      I’ve always loved perfume, just because of how it can bring back memories. Before I travel I always buy a new perfume that I’m going to take with me. After the travel I can enjoy the memories when I use that scent again. I love that.

      I’l not a fan of flowery scents, even though this one from and other stories is with orange blossom, but its perfect. Maybe because it said coriander on the bottle it’s going to scare you off but it smell amazing and reminds me of Jo Malone or Diptique.

      What is your favourite sent?

      New additions to my capsule wardrobe

      Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

      np fin.jpg

      This week I went to COS and treated myself with some new items, 2 new items. A pair of jeans and a shirt (similar here).the shirt is already sold out online but I saw some left in the store that I went. But the similar one is just like it with a small change.

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      For the jeans I decided to go for a lighter pair (not white but cream) I chose creame because it looks stunning with blue and moving to fall its going to be a great transitional piece because its denim but it still has that summer vibe to it because of the colour.

      I also bought another pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago, they are vintage levi’s 501. I bought them for €20 but im sure they are going to last me a long time, because they already lasted so many jears.

      Both of the jeans are areally nice 100% cotton stiff demin that has structure to it, thats what im looking for in a pair of jeans.

      An updated capsule wardrobe blogpost is comming soon

      My favourite outfit: Sartreuse

      Fashion, My favorite outfit

      I love this look from Nicky, I’ve never been a big fan of a lot of jewellery so this look is perfect for me. The northern european weather is a little bit grumpy so a light Jumper and jeans are a must now, even though its summer. And when the weather is actually nice i switch the Jumper with a shirt. The watch and the necklace arent too much but a perfect ammount of dressing up. I love it