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I always find it hard to follow fashion week and not get cought in the trap of mass producement and fast fashion. I love fashion as a way to express youself but there is no need for you to buy it because its cute and under a €100. I always try to invest or even go to shops and buy a cheap sweater but I always look for the quality to be sure it will last a long time.


Here are some tips that I find helpfull during fshion week.

  • Don’t buy it because you saw someone wear it.
  • Try looking at trift shops for items that you really like that are “in fashion”
  • Go shopping in your closet and be inspired by styling your own clothes in a different way, that way you maybe see something that you miss in your daily wardrobe.




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This season Jacquemus was really strong in it’s clothes. I really liked the way everything was balanced, Big shoulders and a tiny skirt or big sleeves and a tight bottom. He really understands the female body.

The hats were even bigger than last year, giant floppy hats that could cut you almost in half by just walking next to it. It was very inspired of the beach in the south of France. His muse this time was his mom, because she always looks the most beautiful here in Saint Tropez.


The makeup and jewellery was also very sun inspired it was warm with golden highlights.



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Red is going to be big this season, I already love red in my wardrobe. I have some tops but I also simply incorporate it by adding a belt or wering a white top with red embroydery.

I’m thinking of buying a red wool coat, but I think its hard to find a coat that isn’t cheap looking that has a colour. I will let you know if I have found the perfect red coat.



Givenchy RTW Fall 2017



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I’ve never been a ponytail person but I really like the look of it. Recently I got some nice hair ties with gold on them so I hope I will tie my hair up more.


This might be my dream haircut, I don’t know why I still havent been to the hairdresser but its on my to do list.


In case of a bad hair day you still can wear this Jaquemus hat, even though summer is officially over.