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Nobody believed her by the fact that she is moving on her own to Paris.
That’s also why her “friends” didn’t show up when she left or even helped her pack or find amazing places to visit whilst in Paris.
The thing that she is going to do is something special, and not quite usual for her small town on the country side.

She sat in the car, her mom driving her to the train station, writing in her journal.

Why does nobody believe me? Well my mum said that it’s because they are jealous and that
they want to do the same thing, moving to Paris is almost on every
young-adults bucket list.
I’m very exited to go, I can’t wait to meet people, improve my French skills
and maybe kiss a French garcon.
You probably are asking what I’m doing in Paris?
Well I’m going there to paint and open my own studio.
I happened suddenly but I met a young man at the local museum,
and asked if it was my work that was hanging there.



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