Fhlurs is created by a 18 year old girl from Europe. After many hours of debating she decided to make a blog to express herself and her style, as she found that there weren’t enough blogs in her style category.

You can expect a lot of fashion, but also her daily thoughts that are influenced by her love for reading. Her blog is quite minimal and fuzz-free, because she is convinced that elegance is very important in life. And an easy way to be elegant is to be fuzz-free and comfy.

The name ‘Fhlurs’ has a meaning to it. It’s inferred by the french word for flowers: fleurs. As she wanted to have her initials in the name (S.H.) She decided to place an H before the L. Just because when she first started lurning french she always wrote Fhleurs. But it was already taken as if it was a way to tell her it wasn’t perfect enough yet. So she thought and thought. After a long times she had in mind that the letter E can be spoken in at least 2 different ways in every language. So she decided to drop the E. Because the E is one of the most important letter in any alfabet, and thats how it was created.




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