Beauty of the week: Ropes of Holland

Beauty of the week



Since I’ve discovered this blog I read it everyday, or I at least check Lindsey’s instagram on a daily basis (post notifications are amazing haha).

Finding bloggers that fit my style is pretty hard for me but Ropes of Holland is one of my favourites! 

Could you introduce youself?

Lindsey Holland. I’m a twenty something Northern girl living in London. Scandinavian minimalism is where my love lies, be it fashion or interior. I’ve developed a real travel bug recently and am always planning my next adventure.

Why did you started your blog?

I launched Ropes of Holland in January 2012 as a way out of the horrible pile of University work I was lodged under. I wanted a place to voice my opinion and love for fashion and design, and so Ropes of Holland was born.

How did you find your style?

I think it took me a few years to find my style and feel comfortable in my appearance. I owe a lot of that to my mum, she’s one of the annoying people in the world who has a bit of an effortless style going on. We shop together a lot even now and she’ll still find things for me!

Her instagram

Her blog


Beauty of the week: Sophia Roe

Beauty of the week




This weeks beauty of the week is Sophia Roe, I discovered her a while ago when i was scrolling instagram. I instantly fell in love with her style and the way her feed was set up. After a while i discovered that she also has a blog called Roediary. Since then I love reading her blog and watching her pictures

How did you find your own style?
I guess I’ve always been creative. It’s just in my blood. But I’m still not sure how I found my style. My curiosity for fashion has always been there, so I started my own tumblr when I was around 14 of age. Tumblr was for me a creative playground, but also a free spot, to express something I wasn’t able to do in real life yet. Mostly because of my age.

I have always believed that you should wear what ever makes you feel good. Mostly because you always can tell when someone feels beautiful or confident in their outfit. I found my own style by exploring and studying magazines, thinking ‘what does this show’ or ‘why are these pieces together’?

sr 5

How did you start you own blog?
As I told, I loved the free space for creativity without restrictions at tumblr. The same passion for creating something aesthetic, came to me when I started my Instagram. My Instagram profile was the thing, that lead me to creating a blog. My followers would always ask me where I got my clothes from, so I thought, why not just link to it on a website. I have never been a good writer, so I’m hoping my pictures tells a story for me.
I have never seen myself as a fashion icon or someone, people would admire particularly, but my blog turned out to be a success. Now I’m doing it for living and that’s a bit scary but also a dream come true. I dreamt about being an architect… but I’m really enjoying my job and i’m 100% positive that this is my path now.

Ig: Sophiaroe




Beauty of the week: Sasha Shviderska

Beauty of the week

The beauty of this week is Sasha, we have been  talking a while trough instagram. And I thought that now would be the time to mention her as beauty of the week.


Sasha is 20 and lives in The Netherlands. She is at the moment graduating from jourlism and her dream is to start and own little buissnes. Her loves skincare and always has great tips for me too keep my skin beautiful. She isn’t really into makeup but she likes to wear it, but as minimal as possible. Her healthy skin is her best makeup.


Nobody in her surroundings really pay attention the sinkcare, as she think it’s really important to takecare of her skin.

Her style is modern and casual, with a hint of vintage. As she doens’t like to shop she still love ging to vintage markets.

You can find Sasha on ig: heressc

Beauty of the week: Sartreuse

Beauty of the week

To be honest, this girl is the reason i started this blog. Ive always wanted to do it but now i did it, because she convinced me. Im far not good like her but the way she writes and thinks inspires me, so elegant and chic, so classy but simple.

Her links are: blog and instagram


As you can see i write liberatly, i never use a capital letter when i use ‘i’ and i never put a ‘ when i say im. I dont want to change that i just want to enlarge my vocabulary for my writing. I also already did a post on that.

She also inspired me to travel, she lives between Paris and Amsterdam, and has plans to go to Japan. Thats my dream! To at least live 6 months in Paris and 1 year in Amsterdam.

“Sartreuse is a fictional character made up by a 23-year old student, translator and Isabel Marant enthusiast currently living between Amsterdam and Paris. The blog has been created to express commentary and ideas on style and to take the reader on an ongoing ride to create a well-edited wardrobe. It is also a cunning example of spend thrift at its finest, where sometimes the line needs to be drawn between necessity and frivolity. All in all, this blog contains the neurotic mumbles and moans of a writer that wants to buy less and have more.”


Beauty of the week: Rosie Assoulin

Beauty of the week, Fashion week

This week i’m going to talk about Rosie Assoulin, she is a fashion designer. I love her clothes. It’s special but still my kind of thing! It’s not only pretty but you can see she put a lot of thought in the items!


Rosie Assoulin grew up in Brooklyn and always knew that fashion was her one true love. She dedicated her time to honing her skills, initially under the tutelage of her mentor and future mother in law, the veteran jewelry designer, Roxanne Assoulin, at Lee Angel. After a brief stint at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she found herself at Oscar de la Renta in New York City, watching the always elegant Mr. de la Renta drape, cut and pin his legendary designs.

Later, Rosie sought out a life altering opportunity to spend time with the design studio Lanvin in Paris, where she bore witness to Alber Elbaz’s pure, unbridled creativity and unmatched design talent. Along with a few years in event and floral design, she found that every moment is an opportunity to cultivate her perspective.

In late 2012, Rosie decisively turned back towards her first love, fashion, and her eponymous collection made its debut for Resort 2014. The Rosie Assoulin design aesthetic toes the line between the romantically fantastical and the reliably practical.

You can see her items here