At home by: Emily Ratajkowski


After watching a lot of 73 questions video’s from vogue i loved Emilys house the most. Actress and fashion it-girl Emily Ratajkowski is a surefire source of Instagram inspiration, sharing everything from her fashion favorites to her number-one places and enviable tropical vacations. With even some interior decorating snaps on there as well, is there anything she can’t do?

 Change up the style


Why stick to one interior style when you can have them all? A Persian rug contrasted with cow hide, damask velvet with cotton, or an antique mirror with contemporary art, they all have a certain je ne sais quoi when combined.

Mix and match the tablewear


Floral or monochrome, round or jagged-edged, it looks good just as long as it’s different. A combination of plates in different sizes and patterns will bring an extra touch of charm to your dining table set-up.

Keep it white

From the walls and linen drapes, to the pillowcases, sheets and quilt covers, white is right when it comes to pared-back bedroom chic.

Fill up the walls


Don’t restrict yourself to just one statement artwork; a combination of photographs and collage pieces on the one wall makes for an interior design success.

Don’t forget your flooring


An XXL woven mat is an interesting alternative to close-knit Persian and Berber rugs. A must-try.