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5piecenfrench wardrobe

Here is an updated 5 piece French wardrobe. This winter I chose to incorporate more statement pieces in my wardrobe like a red jumper or patternd trousers. Those piece are still perfectly coherent with the rest of my wardrobe. I also own some basic boxy T-shirts to layer under my jumper or to lounge around in. Those pieces are also used in others seasons.



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Things to invest in

Things to invest in in 2018


As you may or may not know, I’m totally against fast fasion. I’m more for the investing in good durable pieces that I will love forever. Here are they.

I’m on the hunt for a good purse and this A.P.C. bag keeps comming into my mind. I’m a big fan of a good long lined blazer so ofcourse it needs to be in here. The repetto flats are a thing that I’m in love with since I danced and used the same brands Ballet pointe shoes. Now that I quit ballet I would love to own a pair of everyday flats.

I’m moving soon, so investing in good art and furniture will come in handy for me.




Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

5PFW basics list

Here is a list of my 5 piece french wardrobe basics, this is basically my whole wardrobe with some extra items with it. You can always alter it to your style, for ex. you can incorporate heels instead of flats etc.



Slik blouse

White button down

Casmere sweater

3 tees: black, white and grey

3 tanks: black, nude and grey




Black suit

Boyfriend blazer

Seasonal coat



Black pants

Boyfriend jeans/mom jeans

White jeans



Classic flats

Mid heeled pumps

Leather sneakers

Ankle boots




Gold mini hoops

Silk Scarf

Everyday necklace

Bucket bag




Micellar water



Lipstick (nude)

Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

Ways to be more elegant: shoes

Elegance is comfort, as a woman never should be in pain. Thats quite unpleasant for her and the people around her. She might drop her polite manners or say thing she doesnt mean because of the pain. Therefor an elegant woman always wears flats or max 5cm heels.

I want to try and chalenge myself by not wearing sneakers for a week. As it take comfort litteral and wear sport sneakers like Nike. My faves are the Cortez and Stan Smith. 

Since i danced ballet for some years ballet flats shouldnt be a problem. When i look back on the end of august Im going to treat myself with some repetto flats if i liked wearing flats enough.

There are some more how to be more elegant blogposts comming your way soon. On sents, basic wardrobe and beauty.

These are a similar style to what im going to wear 

Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

It’s a basic

Yes, I’m talking about white tees. I love wearing them because it’s just so easy to style and put on in the morning. But i sometimes can be boring when you wear them all the time like i do, so here are some tips.

  1. Go for a different material than cotton, like silk
  2. Make sure you have some variations: lose fitting, box fit, tight fit…
  3. Wear them with jeans, a skirt, under a dress or top…
  4. Make them personal by drawing on them or stitch things on it
  5. Always be on the hunt for cool slogans or designs, it’s a staple so you can always wear it

All pictures are from Pinterest​


Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

Just add jeans

I love how jeans just can make a look complete, imagine an amazing wrap top from reformation or a blouse from equipment. Alway add a pair of jeans and loafers and your everyday look is complete. This is also my daily uniform: a nice blue or white top with straight fit jeans and a pair of loafers.


Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

My capsule wardrobe

Since that I personally think that the 333 project is very restricting, I decided to make my own version on a capsule wardrobe. Where you have your base, your capsule, with the basics that are more high end or very good in quality. But in a way that you still allow yourself to buy special pieces, only if you are sure that you are going to wear it at least once a month. Here are the items that are going to be my capsule wardrobe for spring and summer + some things that I really like.

  • White and Blue cotton plain T-shirt
  • Red and White striped T-shirt
  • Black and white blouse
  • Striped button up
  • Blue and cream mom jeans
  • Blue capri pants
  • Black cigarette trousers
  • Blue culottes
  • Black Drees
  • Loafers
  • Nike sneakers
  • Cais bucket bag
  • Cais crosbody bag
  • Longchamp le pliage navy

      Thing I think about getting: 

      I love my stripes so a blue and white striped dress would be perfect. I’ve been eyeing those Gucci pumps for ages love them.