5PFW basics list

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Here is a list of my 5 piece french wardrobe basics, this is basically my whole wardrobe with some extra items with it. You can always alter it to your style, for ex. you can incorporate heels instead of flats etc.



Slik blouse

White button down

Casmere sweater

3 tees: black, white and grey

3 tanks: black, nude and grey




Black suit

Boyfriend blazer

Seasonal coat



Black pants

Boyfriend jeans/mom jeans

White jeans



Classic flats

Mid heeled pumps

Leather sneakers

Ankle boots




Gold mini hoops

Silk Scarf

Everyday necklace

Bucket bag




Micellar water



Lipstick (nude)


Ways to be more elegant: shoes

Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

Elegance is comfort, as a woman never should be in pain. Thats quite unpleasant for her and the people around her. She might drop her polite manners or say thing she doesnt mean because of the pain. Therefor an elegant woman always wears flats or max 5cm heels.

I want to try and chalenge myself by not wearing sneakers for a week. As it take comfort litteral and wear sport sneakers like Nike. My faves are the Cortez and Stan Smith. 

Since i danced ballet for some years ballet flats shouldnt be a problem. When i look back on the end of august Im going to treat myself with some repetto flats if i liked wearing flats enough.

There are some more how to be more elegant blogposts comming your way soon. On sents, basic wardrobe and beauty.

These are a similar style to what im going to wear 

It’s a basic

Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

Yes, I’m talking about white tees. I love wearing them because it’s just so easy to style and put on in the morning. But i sometimes can be boring when you wear them all the time like i do, so here are some tips.

  1. Go for a different material than cotton, like silk
  2. Make sure you have some variations: lose fitting, box fit, tight fit…
  3. Wear them with jeans, a skirt, under a dress or top…
  4. Make them personal by drawing on them or stitch things on it
  5. Always be on the hunt for cool slogans or designs, it’s a staple so you can always wear it

All pictures are from Pinterest​


My capsule wardrobe

Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

Since that I personally think that the 333 project is very restricting, I decided to make my own version on a capsule wardrobe. Where you have your base, your capsule, with the basics that are more high end or very good in quality. But in a way that you still allow yourself to buy special pieces, only if you are sure that you are going to wear it at least once a month. Here are the items that are going to be my capsule wardrobe for spring and summer + some things that I really like.

  • White and Blue cotton plain T-shirt
  • Red and White striped T-shirt
  • Black and white blouse
  • Striped button up
  • Blue and cream mom jeans
  • Blue capri pants
  • Black cigarette trousers
  • Blue culottes
  • Black Drees
  • Loafers
  • Nike sneakers
  • Cais bucket bag
  • Cais crosbody bag
  • Longchamp le pliage navy

      Thing I think about getting: 

      I love my stripes so a blue and white striped dress would be perfect. I’ve been eyeing those Gucci pumps for ages love them. 

      New additions to my capsule wardrobe

      Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

      np fin.jpg

      This week I went to COS and treated myself with some new items, 2 new items. A pair of jeans and a shirt (similar here).the shirt is already sold out online but I saw some left in the store that I went. But the similar one is just like it with a small change.

      This slideshow requires JavaScript.

      For the jeans I decided to go for a lighter pair (not white but cream) I chose creame because it looks stunning with blue and moving to fall its going to be a great transitional piece because its denim but it still has that summer vibe to it because of the colour.

      I also bought another pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago, they are vintage levi’s 501. I bought them for €20 but im sure they are going to last me a long time, because they already lasted so many jears.

      Both of the jeans are areally nice 100% cotton stiff demin that has structure to it, thats what im looking for in a pair of jeans.

      An updated capsule wardrobe blogpost is comming soon

      The ideal capsule wardrobe: testing loafers

      Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

      Summer, winter, spring or autumn loafers can be worn every season and are a way to easy spice up your outfit. I’ve tested out some so i can tell you my favourite.

      tb l1

      This slideshow requires JavaScript.

      So I decided to go in a big price range as you can see, 3 shoes between €30 and €500. The first ones are from Gucci, the second ones are from jigsaw and the last ones are the ones from asos.

      First of all i wanted to tell you that I didn’t buy the gucci loafers myself, my mum bought them a while ago but never wore them so now i have the chance to wear these amazing shoes. I would normally buy shoes between a €50 and a €200 price point. So this is an amazing opportunity for my too wear Gucci.

      tb l 2

      My first impressions are that the asos ones dont feel as nice as the other ones, but they do feel great for their price. My favourites are the jigsaw ones because they are a little more structured and you can wear them in summer and winter, mostly winter because of the fur.

      I love that the gucci ones have a stepped back option if you would like that, so you have 2 shoe options in one.

      My top 3 would be:

      1. In a tied 1st place both the gucci and the jigsaw ones. I love them both equally.
      2. The asos ones, just because they catched my heel quite bad, what i didn’t have with the other 2.

      333 project and 5 piece french wardrobe

      Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

      So I decided to go one the bandwagon and do the 333 project and the 5 piece french wardrobe. I first going to explain the 2 things and then make a little 1. 2. 3….

      So the 5 piece french wardrobe is something where you only allow yourself to buy 5 items every 6 months (2 seasons). Im going to alter it and say 3 items every 3 months. The concept is to create a basic wardrobe where you feel a 100% comfortable in. Because you are going to buy less, you are going to be able to invest in pieces that are going to last you  a long time. The 5 items are clothes, bags and shoes that aren’t basics that you need to replace (there is no limit on that) and those basics cant be more than you would normally pay for them. If it’s more than what you normally pay you need to put them in your list.

      The 333 project is something where you have 33 items for 3 months. It should getting dressed in the moring make way easier and make your life with a lot less stress. This includes clothes, bags, jewellery that you arent yet wearing on a everyday basis and shoes.

      If you have any more q’s about the to challenges feel free to ask me in the comments!


      Its ideal to combine the 2 together so you get a nice capsule wardrobe of things you really love. Hereare my steps to make the it a little easier and smooth.

      1. Clear out your wardrobe and throw aways/donate the things that you aren’t wearing anymore.
      2. Find your 20 most worn pieces.
      3. Find some things that you love but want to wear more and that fit your current 20 most worn pieces.
      4. Think about your 33 items and try to make outfits in your head.
      5. Start the 333 project.
      6. List the things that you would like to buy.
      7. After the 3 months, look what you wore/didnt wear and look what items you want to keep in your 33 items and what you want to add for the next season.
      8. Remeber at first it can be not perfect but lurn from your own experience and you will see, you will slowly get your ideal wardrobe.

      I’m going to write a follow up blogpost on why i do this and how i went.

      The ideal capsule wardrobe: testing white tees

      Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

      In the past couple of months i have been testing some shirts in different price ranges. Here are my conclusions:


      1. Nalinstudios the dreamers tee (sold out) €60
      2. Doubletroublegang lolita tee €39
      3. Primark mens coton tee €3

      All the t-shirts are a 100% cotton, even the €3 primark one.


      As you can see tee number 1 and 2 have something special to them, they have a little variation that doesnt make it just a white tee, and I love that. The dreamers tee has a beautiful design on the back and the Doubletrouble gang one have a little font on the front. I mostly grabbed to the dreamers tee because of the back.

      The quality is for all 3 the shirt very good, I even prefered the quality of the primark one, soft, doesnt lose its shape and its a thick material. The dreamers tee tent to lose its shape a bit after the 5th wash. I haven’t had the change yet to wash the doubletroublegang yet but it’s very good quality.

      I’m impressed by all the shirts and if i need to recommend a shirt I would say the primark one because its just so cheap (even its a mens shirt), but if you have some money to spend i would recommend both the special shirt, just pick your tast and what you are looking for, a statement tee or a little pop of color.

      All the shirts are a box fit, also because i got in in a size bigger. The sizes i got where:

      1. Nalinstudios the dreamers tee M (good fit, a box fit but a perfect box :))
      2. Doubletroublegang lolita tee M (a little bit on the baggy side, need to roll the sleeves up to make it work)
      3. Primark mens coton tee S (its a mens size, but its perfect)

      I tuck all my tee in my pants to get an even nicer box fit.

      My 5 piece french wardrobe

      Fashion, Perfect capsule wardrobe

      My full wardrobe isn’t a real capsule wardrobe, just because I’m not sure what pieces to keep or the give aways, so i made this list of capsule pieces in my closet. This ways i can figure out what to give away, keep or buy.


      Things I have spring and summer edition:

      • Blue and white striped blouse (H&M)
      • Green and white striped shirt (Scotch and soda)
      • 3 White box tees
      • Blue and white stiped longsleeved tee
      • Blue and white striped knit
      • Blue capri pants
      • Beige capri pants
      •  Blue jeans
      • Black cigarette pants
      • Grey jeans
      • Blue, jeans and green skirts

      Things I bought recently:

      • Special blue jeans
      • Yellow knit
      • Trench coat

      Things I want to add to my summer wardrobe:

      • Grey and black box tee
      • Flowery blouse

      My style inspirations for my summer wardrobe: Audrey Hepburn, Jeanne Damas, Life of Boheme, Deborahrosa and Adenorah.