Un peu français


“A bit of French” Here are some French phrases that help you to inner your French it girl.

I would like a glass of red wine please – Je voudrais une verre du vin rouge, s’il vous plait!
I feel wonderful – Je me sens merveilleuse
I’m feeling a little lazy today. – Je me sens un peu paresseuse aujourd’hui.
Où sont les toilettes? – Where are the toilets (it’s just handy to know)
I wanna dance all night long! – Je veux danser toute la nuit!
Salut! – Hello, or goodbye it depends



My packing tips for a citytrip

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Last week I went to Paris, next week I’m going to Rotterdam. I’m not that type of person that likes to travel to lay in the sun and do nothing. The only tipe of traveling that I like is a citytrip, most of the times in Europe.

That’s the reason I don’t give you tips for a summer beach vacation because I simply don’t like the heat and laying donw and tanning. I love going on a get lost walk in Paris or walking till you find a nice bistro in Amsterdam. Just walking walking walking.


Here are some tips for when you are packing:

  1. Make sure you pack atleast one of your daily uniforms. ex: a white t-shirt and jeans. For days that you don’t know what to wear.
  2. To save space stuff your shoes withyour underwear, that way it’s hidden and you aren’t going to mis shape the shoes during transit.
  3. Don’t pack more beauty items than your daily routine, you aren’t going to have time for it.
  4. Always pack at least 1 book or magazine for when the wifi wouldn’t work or just to relax.
  5. Another tip to save space is to roll your clothes, if you do it in a nice even way you also are going to prevent wrinkles in your clothes.
  6. The last tip is to colour coordinate all your clothes, that makes it easier to style everything.

These are some small tips that help me, now this is what I take to a 3 to 4 days vacation to 20-25°C weather.

traveling tips


  • Tops: grey shirt, blue blouse or bretton shirt, white shirt.
  • Bottoms: jeans and blue cigarette pants
  • Shoes: loafers and sneakers
  • Jackets: a light knit and a raincoat
  • Bags: Cais bucket bag and a foldable bag
  • Toiletries: the daily products, a face wash or a good toner, daycream, perfume, lipstick,..
  • Extra: A good book, music, a notebook and pen…


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I’ve always loved perfume, just because of how it can bring back memories. Before I travel I always buy a new perfume that I’m going to take with me. After the travel I can enjoy the memories when I use that scent again. I love that.

I’l not a fan of flowery scents, even though this one from and other stories is with orange blossom, but its perfect. Maybe because it said coriander on the bottle it’s going to scare you off but it smell amazing and reminds me of Jo Malone or Diptique.

What is your favourite sent?

Where do Parisiennes go on holiday?

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Parisians pride themselves on discovering the best holiday hot spots before they go mainstream and getting a look inside their carefully guarded address books is like getting backstage access at a couture show. As wide-ranging as Port-Cros, Montauk and Buenos Aires. With contributions from Ines de la Fressange, Camille Rowe and Caroline de Maigret, this is how to do vacations the French girl way.


Riad El Fenn in Marrakech

Country: Marocco


Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Navarra

Country: Spain


Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton

Country: Puerto Rico


Surf Lodge in Montauk

Country: USA


Amanzoe in Kranidi

Country: Greece


The Mark Hotel in New York

Country: USA